Skateboarding Offers More Freedom Than Other Sports

One of the reasons why skateboarding is so appealing is that it offers more freedom than other sports out there. Not everyone wants to conform to doing things the same way as everyone else. What this means is that they have the opportunity to explore something new and to make it their own. In too many sports people are expected to be perfect at it. Yet when it comes to skateboarding even the experts will tell you that if you aren’t falling down you aren’t pushing yourself to the limit.

In interviews many of these expert skaters will tell you that they love the sport. They are extremely passionate about it due to the fact that they get to be creative and they get to perform new things all the time. They don’t want to be involved in a sport where they are expected to do the same thing again and again. They love being able to offer that element of surprise to a crowd too.

There are some basics of skateboarding but the rules include the fact that there aren’t any rules. You can learn the tricks that have been done over and over again or you can create your own. There are always new things coming up for the sport of skateboarding that makes it new and refreshing. How you skate as well as where you skate is up to you and that isn’t something you find with many other sports.

This is a sport that you can take part in individually too so you don’t need a team to work with. Of course many skaters like to learn from each other so they socialize in groups and meet up with each other at the local skate parks. You have the freedom to do what you like either on your own or with others and that means you can develop your own style of skating if you would like to.

Even the types of equipment that people use can be customized. This includes your deck and all the parts of your skateboard. You can buy one customized or you can make it that way on your own. You can buy all of the pieces that you want for one and mix and match them to get the most out of it. Your skateboard can then be reflective of your personality and what you like. Take some time to shop around and find what you like so your skateboard can be a great expression of what you want to accomplish with it as well.

Of course if you are taking part in skateboarding competitions there are going to be some rules that you have to follow. Otherwise you risk being disqualified. Yet you get to create the types of movements you will make. In fact, the more complex your routine is the more points you will score from it. This is why you continue to see new things taking place in these competitions. Those that enter want to do all they can to ensure they are unique and that they have a way to get more points then their competitors.

You also need to be observant and respectful of skateboarding laws. In some areas you are fine to ride them where you place but in others you can’t. Take the time to find out what the guidelines are so that you can express your freedom with the sport within those restraints. As more people take up the sport you will find that it is readily accepted in places where they used to be strict so give it time for changes to take place.

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Rugby League Jerseys in Comparison to Other Sports

Rugby League Jerseys are very attractive compared to other professional sports. It can be argued that the aesthetics of a sport are very important (if not why do professionally boxers not fight with a top on?). The tight fitting, colorful and imaginative Rugby League jerseys worn by professional League players certainly do the sport justice.

If you compare Rugby League jerseys to the kits of other sports such as football or tennis, they are far more heavily laden with sponsorship logos and advertising. This may be due to the fact that the sport is not as financially well off as some tennis or football and therefore great efforts must be made to raise as much money as possible to support the clubs and players.

Another interesting comparison is that of Rugby League jerseys and those of American Football. Both sports are heavy contact sports (though League is arguably tougher due to no padding or protection being worn). With American football the tops worn are relatively loose fitting and not made of very durable material.

The reasons for this may be found in the tackling technique generally used where the head and shoulders are often used to just knock a player over (as once a man with the ball is knocked over the play is over). Where as in League is important to secure and wrestle a player on the floor so they don’t stand up too fast. However perhaps a tighter, more slippery top would make a difference in evading the defense in American Football especially in the line.

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Ways to Keep Up With Other Sport Bike Enthusiasts

Here are a few places you can find other riders:

Sport Bikes

Many clubs make their membership information available online. These clubs have events they publicize as well as ways for members to contact each other. If you are an enthusiast, you can search bike clubs online to find out if there is one near you. You also can get your website online if you do not have a web presence yet. You will be able to connect with members you may not find otherwise. Using these sites to send out information emails and requests is an excellent way to streamline communication.


Among the millions of blogs online are scores related to sport biking. Start reading others’ blogs or consider writing your own. These blogs serve all types of purposes. They can keep you updated with the daily plans of other sport bike enthusiasts, which is an interesting way to spend your daily reading time, or they can give tips on how to alter your bike, do special jumps, or otherwise improve as a sport biker.


Forums are an excellent resource for someone with a hobby such as this. Forums allow you to ask and answer questions with other like minded enthusiasts, which will help you feel part of a community. This community can be especially helpful when you are starting out. Forums also serve as parts trading posts in many areas of the sport biking community. You can post parts you have that you are selling or post parts you need. Other members may have what will work for your bike, joining these forums can be a great resource if you are not near any quality brick and mortar stores.


The Sport Bike directory is a way for you to find people involved in sport biking at all levels. Dealers and manufacturers are listed in the directory, and you can find people who are selling what you need. Others who provide ancillary services, such as decals and other vendors and racers will be available in the directory as well. By connecting with these people, you can become part of the sport bike community.

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