Rugby League Jerseys in Comparison to Other Sports

Rugby League Jerseys are very attractive compared to other professional sports. It can be argued that the aesthetics of a sport are very important (if not why do professionally boxers not fight with a top on?). The tight fitting, colorful and imaginative Rugby League jerseys worn by professional League players certainly do the sport justice.

If you compare Rugby League jerseys to the kits of other sports such as football or tennis, they are far more heavily laden with sponsorship logos and advertising. This may be due to the fact that the sport is not as financially well off as some tennis or football and therefore great efforts must be made to raise as much money as possible to support the clubs and players.

Another interesting comparison is that of Rugby League jerseys and those of American Football. Both sports are heavy contact sports (though League is arguably tougher due to no padding or protection being worn). With American football the tops worn are relatively loose fitting and not made of very durable material.

The reasons for this may be found in the tackling technique generally used where the head and shoulders are often used to just knock a player over (as once a man with the ball is knocked over the play is over). Where as in League is important to secure and wrestle a player on the floor so they don’t stand up too fast. However perhaps a tighter, more slippery top would make a difference in evading the defense in American Football especially in the line.

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